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McGraw Wood Products strives to deliver the best in high-value wood products.
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By way of introduction the following illustrations will give you an idea of McGraw's woodworking and general manufacturing capabilities.

A family owned business covering three generations McGraw produces a wide range of custom designed product ready for use when it leaves our McGraw New York facilities.

With significant design experience and capabilities our objective is to provide you the best product at the lowest possible net cost and yes will produce short runs.

you will note we fabricate in many media (plastic, cloth, glass, etc.) with our primary emphasis where wood is utilized on select grades of northern hardwoods such as cherry, red oak, poplar, walnut, etc.

Working directly with your manufacturer is the most expeditious route in servicing your needs; it avoids confusion, and will provide you your lowest net cost.

Have a packaging need? Call us at 607-836-6465, or email us at We're interested in servicing your needs, our response will be prompt.